National Holidays in America

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Lehrkraft: OStRin Gabriele Hofmeister-Ferko                       Leitfach: Englisch Rahmenthema: National Holidays in America

Zielsetzung des Seminars:


This seminar looks at the civil religious calendar of the United States, i.e. at the history of national holidays as well as at their current role and function. Thanksgiving, Independence Day or Super Bowl are well-known examples. We will critically analyze the various forms of those American holidays including their presentation in literature, film and TV. In sum, this analysis will prove that civil religious holidays are an essential part of the American national identity.

The students’ ideas and preferences will be taken into account.




mögliche Themen für die Seminararbeiten:

1. Independence Day: Meaning and realisation in Roland Emmerich’s film version

2. Born on the 4th of July: Ron Kovic’s book and its movie adaption

3. The 4th of July – happiness for everybody?

4. Commemorating Martin Luther King: Martin Luther King Day

5. Super Bowl – a spectacle of consumption

6. Super Bowl – the power of half-time premier songs

7. National Christmas Tree Lightening – the perfect example how civil religion is produced

    in America

8. Thanksgiving – a moment of coming together?